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Sat Jun 22 16:44:00 GMT 2013

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Module name:	src
Changes by:	2013-06-22 16:44:14

Modified files:
	.              : configure ChangeLog 

Log message:
	* (mips*-*-bsd*, mips*-*-ultrix*, mips*-*-osf*)
	(mips*-*-ecoff*, mips*-*-pe*, mips*-*-irix* [v4 and earlier])
	(mips*-*-lnews*, mips*-*-riscos*): Add gas and ld to noconfigdirs.
	* configure: Regenerate.
	* NEWS: Note removal of ECOFF support.
	* doc/as.texinfo (--emulation): Update for the removal of MIPS ECOFF.
	* (TARG_ENV_HFILES): Remove config/te-lnews.h.
	(MULTI_CFILES): Remove config/e-mipsecoff.c.
	* Regenerate.
	* Remove MIPS ECOFF references.
	(mips-sony-bsd*, mips-*-bsd*, mips-*-lnews*-ecoff, mips-*-*-ecoff):
	Delete cases.
	(mips-*-irix5*-*, mips*-*-linux*-*, mips*-*-freebsd*)
	(mips*-*-kfreebsd*-gnu, mips-*-*-elf): Fold into...
	(mips-*-*): ...this single case.
	(mipsbecoff, mipslecoff, mipsecoff): Remove emulations.  Expect
	MIPS emulations to be e-mipself*.
	* configure: Regenerate.
	* configure.tgt (mips-sony-bsd*, mips-*-ultrix*, mips-*-osf*)
	(mips-*-ecoff*, mips-*-pe*, mips-*-irix*, ips-*-lnews*, mips-*-riscos*)
	(mips-*-sysv*): Remove coff and ecoff cases.
	* as.c (mipsbecoff, mipslecoff, mipsecoff): Remove.
	* ecoff.c: Remove reference to MIPS ECOFF.
	* config/e-mipsecoff.c, config/te-lnews.h: Delete files.
	* config/tc-mips.c (ECOFF_LITTLE_FORMAT): Delete.
	(RDATA_SECTION_NAME, mips_target_form): Remove COFF and ECOFF cases.
	(mips_hi_fixup): Tweak comment.
	(append_insn): Require a howto.
	(mips_after_parse_args): Remove OBJ_MAYBE_ECOFF code.
	* gas/all/gas.exp: Remove reference to mips-ecoff.
	* gas/mips/branch-misc-1.d, gas/mips/branch-misc-2.d,
	gas/mips/branch-misc-2-64.d, gas/mips/branch-misc-2pic.d,
	gas/mips/branch-misc-2pic-64.d, gas/mips/branch-swap.d: Remove
	skips for mips-*-ecoff.
	* NEWS: Document the removal of MIPS ECOFF targets.
	* ld.texinfo (--gpsize=@var{value}): Use MIPS ELF rather than
	MIPS ECOFF as an example of a target that supports small data.
	* ldmain.c (g_switch_value): Likewise.
	* configure.tgt (mips*-*-pe, mips*-dec-ultrix*, mips*-dec-osf*)
	(mips*-sgi-irix* [v4 and earlier], mips*el-*-ecoff*, mips*-*-ecoff*)
	(mips*-*-bsd*, mips*-*-lnews*): Remove cases.
	* (ALL_EMULATION_SOURCES): Remove emipsbig.c, emipsbsd.c,
	emipsidt.c, emipsidtl.c, emipslit.c, emipslnews.c and emipspe.c.
	(emipsbig.c, emipsbsd.c, emipsidt.c, emipsidtl.c, emipslit.c)
	(emipslnews.c, emipspe.c): Delete rules.
	* Regenerate.
	* emulparams/, emulparams/, emulparams/,
	emulparams/, emulparams/, emulparams/,
	emulparams/, emultempl/mipsecoff.em: Delete.
	* emultempl/m68kcoff.em: Update comment to say that MIPS ECOFF support
	has now been removed.
	* emultempl/pe.em: Remove TARGET_IS_mipspe checks.


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