src ChangeLog Makefile.def
Mon Jun 18 15:46:00 GMT 2007

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2007-06-18 15:46:33

Modified files:
	.              : ChangeLog Makefile.def 

Log message:
	* coffread.c (coff_sym_fns): Add default_symfile_segments.
	* dbxread.c (start_psymtab): Check HAVE_ELF.
	(aout_sym_fns): Likewise.
	* elfread.c (elf_symfile_segments): New.
	(elf_sym_fns): Add elf_symfile_segments.
	* mipsread.c (ecoff_sym_fns): Add default_symfile_segments.
	* remote.c (get_offsets): Use symfile_map_offsets_to_segments.
	Skip if there is no symfile_objfile.  Handle TextSeg and DataSeg.
	* somread.c (som_sym_fns): Use default_symfile_segments.
	* symfile.c (find_sym_fns): Take a BFD and return the sym_fns.
	(init_objfile_sect_indices): Call symfile_find_segment_sections.
	(default_symfile_segments): New function.
	(syms_from_objfile): Update call to find_sym_fns.
	(symfile_get_segment_data, free_symfile_segment_data): New.
	(symfile_map_offsets_to_segments): New.
	(symfile_find_segment_sections): New.
	* symfile.h (struct symfile_segment_data): New.
	(struct sym_fns): Add sym_segments.
	(default_symfile_segments, symfile_get_segment_data)
	(free_symfile_segment_data): New prototypes.
	(symfile_map_offsets_to_segments): Likewise.
	* xcoffread.c (xcoff_sym_fns): Add default_symfile_segments.
	* (COMMON_OBS): Remove elfread.o.
	(elf_internal_h): New.
	(elfread.o): Update.
	* Add elfread.o to COMMON_OBS if bfd/elf.o was
	*, configure: Regenerated.
	* NEWS: Mention qOffsets changes.
	* gdb.texinfo (General Query Packets): Document qOffsets changes.
	* Makefile.def: Add dependency from configure-gdb to all-bfd.
	* Regenerated.


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