src ChangeLog.csl
Mon Mar 28 19:34:00 GMT 2005

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Branch: 	csl-arm-20050325-branch
Changes by:	2005-03-28 19:34:24

Modified files:
	.              : ChangeLog.csl 

Log message:
	* readline/ (RLTTYOBJ): New variable.
	* readline/aclocal.m4: Use AC_RTY_LINK to check for mbstate_t.
	* readline/complete.c (pwd.h): Guard with HAVE_PWD_H.
	(getpwent): Guard with HAVE_GETPWENT.
	(rl_username_completion_function): Guard use of getpwent.
	(endpwent): Likewise.
	* readline/ (HAVE_FCNTL): New macro.
	(HAVE_GETPWENT): Likewise.
	(HAVE_GETPWNAM): Likewise.
	(HAVE_GETPWUID): Likewise.
	(HAVE_PWD_H): Likewise.
	* readline/configure: Regenerated.
	* readline/ Handle MinGW when cross compiling.  Check for
	getpwnam, getpwent, getpwuid, and pwd.h.  Set RLTTYOBJ.
	* readline/display.c (rl_clear_screen): Treat Windows like DOS.
	(insert_some_chars): Likewise.
	(delete_chars): Likewise.
	* readline/rldefs.h (NEW_TTY_DRIVER): Do not define for Windows.
	* readline/rlnotty.c: New file.
	* readline/shell.c (pwd.h): Guard with HAVE_PWD_H.
	(getpwuid): Guard with HAVE_GETPWUID.
	(sh_unset_nodelay_mode): Guard use of fnctl with HAVE_FNCTL_H.
	* readline/signals.c (rl_signal_handler): Don't use SIGALRM or
	SIGQUIT if not defined.  Use "raise" rather than "kill".
	(rl_set_signals): Don't set handlers for SIGQUIT or SIGALRM if
	they are not defined.
	(rl_clear_signals): Likewise.
	* readline/tilde.c (pwd.h): Guard with HAVE_PWD_H.
	(getpwuid): Guard declaration with HAVE_GETPWUID.
	(getpwnam): Guard declaration with HAVE_GETPWNAM.
	(tilde_expand_word): Guard use of getpwnam with HAVE_GETPWNAM.


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