src ChangeLog.csl
Fri Mar 25 22:02:00 GMT 2005

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Branch: 	csl-arm-20050325-branch
Changes by:	2005-03-25 22:02:35

Modified files:
	.              : ChangeLog.csl 

Log message:
	* gdb/configure.tgt: Add default OSABI setting for
	* gdb/arm-tdep.c (arm_type_align): New function.
	(arm_push_dummy_call): Use it.  Ensure proper argument alignment.
	Don't try to align the stack.
	(arm_frame_align): New function.
	(arm_extract_struct_value_address): Remove.
	(arm_use_struct_convention): Rename...
	(arm_return_in_memory): ... To this.  Return nonzero for all small
	aggregates under the EABI.
	(arm_return_value): New function.
	(arm_elf_osabi_sniffer): Add EF_ARM_EABI_VER4 case.  Handle
	(arm_gdbarch_init): Set different FPU and ABI defaults for EABI
	objects.  Use set_gdbarch_return_value instead of obsolete functions.
	Call set_gdbarch_frame_align.
	(arm_init_abi_eabi_v4): New function.
	(_initialize_arm_tdep): Register GDB_OSABI_ARM_EABI_V4.
	* gdb/arm-linux-tdep.c (ARM_LINUX_EABI_JB_PC): Define.
	(arm_linux_eabi_init_abi): New function.
	(_initialize_arm_linux_tdep): Register GDB_OSABI_ARM_EABI_V4_LINUX.
	* gdb/arm-tdep.h (enum arm_abi_variant): New.
	(struct gdbarch_tdep): Add abi field.
	* gdb/defs.h (enum gdb_osabi): Add GDB_OSABI_ARM_EABI_V4 and
	* gdb/osabi.c (gdb_osabi_name): Add "ARM EABI v4" and
	"ARM EABI v4 GNU/Linux".
	* gdb/testsuite/gdb.base/long_long.exp: Don't expect FPA format for
	ARM EABI targets.


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