Source-Navigator 5.0E for Redhat 7.2

Khamis Abuelkomboz
Fri Mar 29 10:28:00 GMT 2002

Hi again,

The windows release and the source code are now up to date:

SN50E for Windows

SN50E for Redhat 7.2

The Source-Code

The new stuff in this release are:
- integrated all parsers from SN-extensions (html, jscript, php, asp, 
prop, vbas, sql)
- edit more than one file in the main window (right-mouse click)
- symbol browser is integrated in the main window (can be switched on/off)
- symbols of edited files are listed on the right side (can be switched 
- You can add/remove/hide files from the browser view (right-mouse click)
- by starting SN, it keeps it's current directory, doesnt switch to <SN>/bin
- grep bugs fixed, grep history works correct (doesn't restart grep)
- added an extension (from Aurelian Melinte) into grep to replace the 
result list
  (it seems to not work good with patterns)
- and it works stable!

good luke

Khamis Abuelkomboz wrote:

> Hi All,
> I built a good Source-Navigator Release including many bug fixes and a 
> new design
> for the gui. You would be able to add/remove files from the browser 
> and edit
> more than one file in a window.
> It's a clean and good release. I named the release SN5.0E, what means 
> a a sn
> release including the extensions of
> Actually I have had so few time to get this work done. a release for 
> windows and the
> packaged source code are coming soon.
> download the binary package from
> khamis

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