build from CVSROOT, Sun sparc, SunOS 5.8 (Solaris 8)

Doug Fraser
Sun Mar 24 15:23:00 GMT 2002

So, I did a full  CVS extract this AM (around 11 GMT)
The build went fine. The install went fine.
The host is Sun sparc, SunOS 5.8  (Solaris 8).
Compiler is GCC 2.95.3

My configure line was:

../src/configure --prefix=/usr/tools/sn5c

The first problem I have run into is that grep does not

I have previously built the SN 5.0 tarball from the
web and it supports grep just fine. It does have
other (small) problems with the editor and such.
I was trying to see how the current top of CVS compared
with the 5.0 tarball. Has anybody else built this
on sun sparc solaris8???

Any clue to the lack of grep output? It does not complain,
it just does not display any text in the output window.
I have purposely chosen symbols that show up all over the



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