Ready for the Medium Time?

Kent Borg
Wed Mar 20 10:16:00 GMT 2002

Excited to see that Source Navigator had graduated to being included
in RH 7.2 (a nice distribution, BTW), I decided to give it another

I chose the obvious kahuna: the kernel sources.  Oh, Lordy!  I have
never seen my reasonably powered 500 MHz/192 MB notebook come to its
knees so badly before (without crashing, that is).

I was being patient with the loading up of the project and first cross
reference, but a few minutes ago I tried to click a radio button in a
menu and the X became unusable, and stayed that way for several
minutes before I switched to a text console and killed snavigator.

Did I do something wrong, or am I trying to stretch it badly beyond
its reach?  (Will it in the future be able to handle projects so big
that they really need the sort of help it tantalizes with?)


-kb, the Kent who thinks he now remembers what happened when he tried
compiling snavigator from sources.

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