snavigator bug after 'unload directory'

Jim Avera
Mon Mar 18 09:10:00 GMT 2002

This is a bug report on Source Navigator 5.0.0 under Cygwin.

It corrupted the project and stopped working after the following actions:

0. Loaded a large project with many subdirectories.  About 3000 source files

1. Tools->Reparse Project, then clicked the CANCEL button before it
   finished (and confirmed the cancel in the subsequent dialog).

2. In the project editor, I used 'unload directory' to remove a directory
   containing redundant copies of files
   (it was a top-level include/ directory containing installed copies of
   .h files which also existed in source directories elsewhere in the

3. Tools->Reload Project (seemed to complete almost instantaneously)

4. Tools->Reparse Project

   At this point sn seemed to read a few files (possibly from only a single
   and stop, as though it were done.  No xref was generated, or else it took
such a
   short time that I didn't/couldn't observe it (xref is enabled in the
Project preferences).

   Subsequent attempts to reparse the project (~3000 source files) had the
   behavior - files flashed by in the progress box for 1-2 seconds, and then

I suspect that deleting the directory made sn forget about most of the
remaining files,
though they are still displayed in the project file browser.  Maybe only the
directory is being scanned?

The project seems to be hopelessly corrupted.  I had to abandon it and
create another.

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