SN50 build issues on Solaris 8

Jim Avera
Mon Mar 18 01:46:00 GMT 2002


I downloaded SN50-010322-source.tar.gz from and
built it on a sun machine running SunOS 5.8 (Solaris 8).

The following issues arose:

1. The top-level README seems to be a copy of a README
   from a gnu tool distribution, not this project, i.e. it is bogus.
   I could not find any instructions for configuring or building.

   So I did "configure --prefix=$HOME" followed by "gmake"
   (using gcc 2.95.3).

2. The Makefile tries to build "all-libremote" but there is no rule
   in the Makefile to build this target.  So "gmake" fails.

   I did "touch all-libremote" to circumvent the above problem,
   and then gmake succeeded.

3. "snavigator --batchmode" fails with an error message which implies
   that additional options are needed to create a new project.

   However the documentation
   second Example) says that --batchmode (without other options) should
   create a new project in the current directory.

   I tried various combinations of -p newprojectname and -c but could not
   batch project creation to work.

   What exactly are the correct options to create
   a new project in batch mode?

   The docs should be coerced into telling the truth.

-Jim Avera

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