building on HPUX

Wally Kramer
Thu Mar 7 14:55:00 GMT 2002

I'm having trouble building source navigator 5.0.0 on HP-UX11.11
9000/782/C240+ (PA-risc).

Someone apparently succeeded, because I downloaded and ran the executable

I'm using gcc 3.0.4, gmake 3.79.1, etc.

Most modules compile (but with many warnings).  Many components link okay:
fgrep grep dbcp dbimp dbdump
snavigator/parsers/assembly/ppc601-eabi/abrowser etc.


tcl8.1:  all files compile, but the link gives unresolved symbols for
TclpLoadFile and TclpUnloadFile.  tclLoadNone.c is linked in, but this
module doesn't define these symbols.  It *does* define a stub for
TclLoadFile (without the "p").  Is this correct?

tk8.1:  error compiling source/tk8.1/unix/tkAppInit.c because it can't
include <X11/X.h> at tk8.1/generic/tk.h line 77.  The comments indicate a
Mac hack.

Can anyone enlighten me?  Do I need to tweak "configure"?  Am I missing the
magic "set SNAV_HPUX_HACK = 1"?

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