Debugging under Windows environment

Left Spin
Tue Mar 5 12:02:00 GMT 2002

I started debugging the SourceNavigator Tcl scripts using TclPro v1.5. This 
"visual" debugger worked very well, and I found a couple problems and fixed 
them in the SourceNavigator code. Unfortunately, I could only get the Active 
State Aspen release to work, and after the one month trial period, it cost 
$450. (this was under windows) TclPro was released under GPL after having 
been a commercial product. The source code for TclPro is in SourceForge, but 
I haven't been able to get my Win2K machine configured to gain access to the 
CVS server. Looks like there is an easy way to configure if you're using 
Win95. I've been meaning to try this from home, but I haven't had the time. 
I highly reccomend TclPro's debugger. I tried version 1.4, which there are 
freely available binaries, but I couldn't get it to work. There isn't a free 
windows release yet.

Let me know if you have any questions. I love SN, and I'd like to enhance 
it. I read all about Tcl, TK, and iTk just to work on it. I'm stymied by the 
lack of good debugging options for Tcl. TclPro is very good, but the 
SourceForge community doesn't have a windows release yet.


>From: Bruce Edson <>
>To: "Sourcenav (E-mail)" <>
>Subject: Debugging under Windows environment
>Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 10:53:37 -0800
>I have successfully built Source Navigator on Windows 2000 under the Cygwin
>bash shell.  I am now in the process of making modifications/enhancements 
>the application.  I now need to embark on debugging changes and have some
>1. What is the best way to go about debugging the application, and/or my
>2. Do I debug from within Cygwin, or Windows?
>3. What tool is best to use, and does it have the typical debug
>capabilities? (assuming I can't use MS VC++ Visual Studio)
>4. How do I build a debuggable version of the application?
>5. Where is there documentation about debugging in this environment?
>Thanks in advance!
>Bruce Edson

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