Headaches building Source Navigator under Windows

Bruce Edson bruce@steptech.com
Tue Feb 26 12:12:00 GMT 2002

Thanks for responding, Mo.

I removed the host option and still get the same results.  I originally put
it there after my first attempt of a cygwin install.  That's been updated
now, so it appears that the host option isn't needed.

When configuring itcl/win, it attempts to cd into '../../../tcl/win' and
fails.  Maybe I need to change something to get it cd into
'../../../tcl8.1/win'.  If so what and where would I make the change?

Ran grep in snbuild/tcl8.1 directory and got the expected results,
's%@CONFIGDIR@%win%g'.  I agree, it looks mighty strange that its playing in
the unix path here.  

I also noticed that when creating tclconfig.sh and tkconfig.sh, they were
created in snbuild/tcl8.1/unix and snbuild/tk8.1/unix subdirectories.  This
was shortly after receiving the message '> cd: can't cd to
../../../tcl/win'.  Can anyone think of why? 


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On Fri, 22 Feb 2002 13:07:46 -0800
Bruce Edson <bruce@steptech.com> wrote:

> I went to Cygwin site and figured out how to get the rest of the
> So, now I am at the point where the 'configure' as described in the readme
> file, breaks with the following errors.

> ../sourc/configure --host=i686-pc-cygwin
> --prefix="c:/docume~1/bruce/hpkeck~1/snkeck~1/opt/sourcenav"

Well, this looks ok. Any particular reason you passed a --host option here?
> 2.
> configuring in itcl/win
> running /bin/sh ../../../../source/itcl/itcl/win/configure
> --host=i686-pc-cygwin --target=i686-pc-cygwin
> '--prefix=c:/docume~1/bruce/hpkeck~1/snkeck~1/opt/sourcenav'
> --cache-file=../../../config.cache
> cd: can't cd to ../../../tcl/win

Humm, I would think that should be looking in ../tcl8.1/win, but I
am not sure if it matters.

> 6.
> Configuring snavigator...
> checking for Tcl configuration script... (cached)
> /snbuild/tcl8.1/unix/tclConfig.sh
> checking for Tk configuration script... (cached)
> /snbuild/tk8.1/unix/tkConfig.sh
> checking for Tcl headers in the source tree... (cached) configure: error:
> Can't find any Tcl headers
> Configure in /snbuild/snavigator failed, exiting.

Well, this is not right. It should be checking in tcl8.1/win not the
unix subdir. Me thinks something has gone wrong in tcl8.1/configure.in
where it selects either the unix subdir or the win subdir based on the
--host setting.

Go into your $build/tcl8.1 dir and run this grep:
grep CONFIGDIR config.status

You should get a result like:

If you get "unix" instead of "win" then that is the problem. You could try
to not pass a --host option and see if that makes any diff.


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