Headaches building Source Navigator under Windows

Ian Roxborough irox@redhat.com
Fri Feb 22 14:48:00 GMT 2002

Bruce Edson wrote:
> Thanks Syd and Ian.
> I started by downloading the zip file, SN50-010322-source.zip.  I'm using
> the configure in the source directory that was unzipped from the zip.  Did
> Tcl/TK not come with it?  Where should they be in relation to the source
> directories?

It should come with Tcl/Tk sources.  I would be interesting
if you could compare it to an Windows NT 4.0 machine to see
if this is something related to Win2K.

> Do I need to install this separately from SN and Cygwin?

You normally don't have to worry about there Cygwin is
installed (just as you don't have to worry about where
VC++ is installed with relation to SN).


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