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Khamis Abuelkomboz
Fri Feb 22 13:55:00 GMT 2002


I didn't join you at the beginning of the discussion. SourceBase sounds good
for me. I think, we must have the name of "Source-Navigator" into the 
new name
for the database engine. This because Source-Navigator, as name, is 
famous now
and people who look for SN tools would find SourceBase as a related theme.

Think on Borland and Enprise history!


Doug Fraser wrote:

>Oh, I think sourcebase would be fine.
>I really do. I was just thinking of something
>more poetic, more artful. A library is what
>you are building, in both senses. A linkable
>library that acts as a backend to other development
>tools and also a library as in sense 4 of the
>American Heritage Dictionary:
>	4. An organized collection of recorded data
>		arranged for ease of use.
>but then, sourcebase is more descriptive.
>Alexandria would not immediately imply to the casual
>web surfer that they had just encountered the neatest
>source discovery tools anywhere in the solar system.
>Sourcebase may just clue them in that direction....
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>>From: Eray Ozkural []
>>How about simply sticking with 'sourcebase'? Mo had said 'sourceDB'. 
>>sourcebase means a database of sources, a la knowledge base.
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>>Eray Ozkural (exa) <>

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