New CVS module to checkout.

Doug Fraser
Fri Feb 22 10:26:00 GMT 2002

Oh, I think sourcebase would be fine.
I really do. I was just thinking of something
more poetic, more artful. A library is what
you are building, in both senses. A linkable
library that acts as a backend to other development
tools and also a library as in sense 4 of the
American Heritage Dictionary:

	4. An organized collection of recorded data
		arranged for ease of use.

but then, sourcebase is more descriptive.

Alexandria would not immediately imply to the casual
web surfer that they had just encountered the neatest
source discovery tools anywhere in the solar system.
Sourcebase may just clue them in that direction....


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> How about simply sticking with 'sourcebase'? Mo had said 'sourceDB'. 
> sourcebase means a database of sources, a la knowledge base.
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