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Mo DeJong
Fri Feb 22 02:43:00 GMT 2002

On Fri, 22 Feb 2002 04:04:09 +0200
Eray Ozkural <> wrote:

> > If I get a wave brain or something I'll post my ideas...
> I was actually going to suggest "Maybe we should find a mythological name 
> like Phoenix." We might have a mindlink.


> Since we have both thought of "phoenix", I would say just let it be. The 
> meaning fits remarkably well sourcenav being a project resurrected again and 
> again.

Me thinks "phoenix" is too over the top. Our old project codename was "highlander"
but that is too pop culture. How about "Diuturnity", it means a long duration.

If ancient gods are your thing, how about Bacchus (aka Dionysus).


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