Headaches building Source Navigator under Windows

Ian Roxborough irox@redhat.com
Thu Feb 21 18:08:00 GMT 2002


you need a full working Cygwin environment (which is kind
of like UNIX) to build Source-Navigators, the include
development tools like "make" (maybe in the usertools
and binutils packages?).

Don't know a great deal about Cygwin, but there is
a bunch of information over at:

I don't remember much about building on HP-UX, I'm
not sure if you'll need gcc or the HP-UX compiler.

Any HP-UX users got any tips?


Bruce Edson wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've just been put on a project that requires creating a modified version of
> Source Navigator that runs under Windows 2000 and HP-UX.  My first task is
> to get a buildable version working under Windows 2000.  When I get tired of
> that, I get to do it again under HP-UX.
> Anyway, to my point, I've read a lot of docs, readmes and a lot of the
> emails regarding doing this under Windows.  This is totally new to me so
> bare with me.  I am familiar with VC++ 6.0 and that is what is installed on
> my Windows system.  The directions in the Readme seem to take into account
> details that are not obvious to me.  For instance, where do I put the Cygwin
> stuff in relation to the sources (it assumes I already have it), why doesn't
> the source tree come with make.exe, etc.  The source I downloaded came from
> SN50-010322-source.zip.
> I've set up the environment with limited success creating the make file,
> when making my source directory a sub-directory of where the Cygwin.bat file
> is installed.  I did see some errors, mainly couldn't find a certain file.
> But it made a makefile.  However, the make doesn't run now because make.exe
> doesn't exist.  Do I need to get that too?  Where do I get one that is
> already built.  What other issues am I going to run into?
> Long story short, is there a much more detailed, or canned approach
> available that I can follow step by step knowing I have a Windows system
> with just VC++6.0 loaded on it?  One that includes everything that I need to
> download and what/how to configure?  I'm not real familiar with the unix
> arena but am with the Windows.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> The downloaded executable forms of SN work great on Windows, so I know it is
> buildable.
> Thanks in advance.
> Bruce Edson

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