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Christopher Drexler
Thu Feb 21 13:59:00 GMT 2002

Dear mailinglist members,

I started to use SourceNavigator only a few days before and it is a great and
easy to use software. But we encountered some problems with the substituion of

We have a huge sofware project here at our chair which I wanted to put
under the control of SourceNavigator. One Problem is that we use persistent
classes which require a lot of functions to be defined. This is done by
setting the macros "THIS" and "BASE", and some more, to the appropriate class
names and calling some macros within the class decleration afterwards.

#define THIS thisclass
#define BASE baseclass

class THIS : public BASE{



Please don't ask why we're not using macro parameters for this. There are
historical reasons (the package development started in 1989). 

This results in *many*  classes called "THIS" and in an unusable class

No my question: is it possible to give the parser a list of macro names which
are then substituted according to the definition within the files and not by
fixed value stored in a file? 

Thank you!

Best regards,
Chris Drexler

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