Fixing build bustage under VC++

Mo DeJong
Thu Feb 21 11:00:00 GMT 2002

On Thu, 21 Feb 2002 01:23:10 -0800
Ian Roxborough <> wrote:


> > I was under the impression that the tcl/cygwin directory was where
> > this "pure Cygwin" layer was going to live.

> Well, the apps being built think they are being built under UNIX
> and look in the ../unix location.
> A more correct solution would be to create a ../cygwin/
> and make all the apps currently using the ../unix/
> cygwin aware so they know to look in the ../cygwin directory.

Well, that should be a simple matter of adding some code to the
CYG_AC_PATH_TCLCONFIG macro defined in src/config/acinclude.m4.
Expect uses this macro so it should be a simple matter of updating
the m4 file and running autoconf in the expect dir. A tcl/cygwin/
already exists so that should not be a problem.

> What are your feelings on VC++ vs gcc for building SN?
> I'm left with the distinct impression building gcc
> would be easier, but then again, I'm just talk about
> compiling, I've yet to get it to run.

I think we should shoot for getting the VC++ build working again before
working on further gcc support under Windows. The main point of a
SN 5.1 release is to get the bug fixes and Tcl/Tk 8.3 upgrade out to
folks. I don't think that switching the release compiler at the same time
is such a good idea. Last I remember, the VC++ build was working
and SN was running (but, that was many moons ago). I seem to
remember that I had 90% of the packages compiling with mingw, but
there were a couple (perhaps Tix, db, or grep) that were not yet ported.
I know that at least Tcl, Tk, Incr Tcl,  and Incr Tk compiled with gcc.


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