Fixing build bustage under VC++

Ian Roxborough
Thu Feb 21 01:23:00 GMT 2002

Mo DeJong wrote:
> > This is because some apps need a pure cygwin/UNIX version of Tcl
> > to work correctly.  It was kind of pain to learn that since I'd
> > already done the upgrade in and found a dejagnu
> > and friends wouldn't work....
> What does that have to do with the win/ subdir and the VC++ build?

Not really sure.

> I was under the impression that the tcl/cygwin directory was where
> this "pure Cygwin" layer was going to live. I took a peek and
> it appears there is a file in there too, so why would you
> want to also create one in the ../unix directory? I think it is just plain
> wrong to create a ../unix/ file from the win subdirectory.
> For one thing, the @VAR@ variable names are not always the same.
> Also, it breaks the macros that load There must be some
> other way to solve the problem, it is just that I don't understand what
> the problem was.

Well, the apps being built think they are being built under UNIX
and look in the ../unix location.

A more correct solution would be to create a ../cygwin/
and make all the apps currently using the ../unix/
cygwin aware so they know to look in the ../cygwin directory.

The real down side of this is that you've got to make
at least expect (maybe dejagnu and some other Tcl dependent
binutils apps) cygwin aware.

What are your feelings on VC++ vs gcc for building SN?

I'm left with the distinct impression building gcc
would be easier, but then again, I'm just talk about
compiling, I've yet to get it to run.


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