SN backend GPL or LGPL? (was: SourceNav release...)

Robert Hartley
Wed Feb 13 12:49:00 GMT 2002

Doug Fraser wrote:

> If you link in a library, your new work embodies that library, and
> thus is covered by the license of the underlying library. If that were
> not so, then any OpenSource project could be turned into a library
> in order to void the GPL. So the act of linking to a library binds your
> work to the underlying license. Deriving a library from a GPL product
> conveys GPL status to that library, since the library is a derivative work.
> Which, in the spirit of the tool and the spirit of OpenSource, is
> as it should be. However, I can't see that it would keep you from
> developing an extended IDE if the rest of the IDE communicated to
> SN through an API that did not require linking. CORBA as you say
> or a database.

All other issues aside, using Corba or something as a workaround would not be
in the collaborative spirit of open source.

That is why I am wondering about an LGPL version of the SN backend.

Thanks to all for listening,

- Rob

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