SN backend GPL or LGPL? (was: SourceNav release...)

Robert Hartley
Wed Feb 13 10:50:00 GMT 2002

What I was trying to ask is if we made the back end of SN a shared library,, would every thing that linked to this library have to be GPL'd or
would the library be able to be treated as a LGPL work?



"Davies, Mike" wrote:

> > What if we had some sort of Corba type middle ware that provided a
> > decent distributed API, without actually linking the code in.
> >  Would any
> > application that connected to it still be bound by the GPL?
> Any changes you made to the Sourcenav Code would be GPLed and you would have
> to provide them in the usual ways,  however it seems to me that any
> application that used the CORBA interface would be effectively dynamically
> linked to it and so might escape the GPL.
> > I am trying to find out here if there is any room for commercial
> > developers to contribute to SN.  It would be a shame to let
> > it all go to
> > waste.
> Well,  many commercial firms contribute to GPLed SW,  there is nothing
> stopping you from doing that.  If you are trying to make a proprietry
> version of SourceNav then this is prohibited by the licence.  That is quite
> apart from the implications for the feelings of people who contributed their
> efforts freely for the common good.
> Mike Davies
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