[Patch] Select <External Makefile> the first time the build window is opened

Mo DeJong supermo@bayarea.net
Mon Feb 4 14:08:00 GMT 2002

Here is a simple patch that will select the <External Makefile> target
the first time the build Window is opened. I seem to remember this
working in the 4.5 version but it became broken at some point during
the 5.0 development cycle.

Since this is a small change I assume it will be covered by the
"Small changes can be accepted without a copyright
assignment form on file" text from the contrib webpage.


2002-02-04  Mo DeJong  <supermo@bayarea.net>

	* gui/makepane.tcl (Make): When initially
	opening the build window select the
	<External Makefile> target.

--- gui/makepane.tcl	Mon Feb 26 09:15:16 2001
+++ gui/makepane.tcl	Mon Feb  4 00:19:27 2002
@@ -121,7 +121,9 @@
         # Selecting the last target used, if any.
         if {! [catch {paf_db_proj get -key IDEMakeCurrentTarget} targ]} {
-            set target $targ
+            if {![string equal $targ ""]} {
+                set target $targ
+            }
         ${entries}.targets selecttext ${target}

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