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Eray Ozkural (exa)
Sat Jan 19 09:03:00 GMT 2002

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On Friday 18 January 2002 16:58, Mo DeJong wrote:
> On Fri, 18 Jan 2002 23:55:53 +0200
> "Eray Ozkural (exa)" <> wrote:
> There are always alternatives in the DB arena. Abstracting the DB interface
> so that it does not strictly rely on Berkeley DB was all I meant.
> Attempting to rewrite working code to make the DB layer more generic is
> about as much fun as poking yourself in the eye (the SN code is guilty of
> this).

Well we can lower the priority of an abstract DB interface then. ;)

> Sounds good, as long as #3 (or any other GUI front end) is left outside the
> scope of the project. I think a key to success will be minimizing external
> dependencies so that code can easily be incorporated into other projects.
> Then there is the old C vs C++ debate and the discussion of which
> lame/broken compilers should be supported.

Sure. A GUI front end can be hosted on KDE CVS. Possibly kdenonbeta, it might 
be too alpha to include it in kdevelop.

> I would be very interested in helping you get this project going. My
> initial focus would be on a regression test suite and a Java parser. What
> comes next is the age old question of labels and resources. This project
> will need a name and a home. Sourceforge has some great features, but the
> mailing list archives are really lame. I have always been impressed by the
> folks that run sourceware (aka, but I don't know if it
> is the best place for such a project.

I first thought "libsourcenav" since that is what we are doing: making it 
work better as a library rather than a stand alone application. It would also 
mark the descent of the project better. For a fancier name, I thought 
"sourcemine" since we could actually run data mining programs such as 
association rule mining or sequence rule mining on databases derived from 
sourcenav project databases. Frequency mining is my current research subject, 
so I tend to think of applications of data mining rather quickly. :)


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