hacking the Tcl parser

Lori Flynn lori@cse.ucsc.edu
Mon Jan 14 14:02:00 GMT 2002

Hi everyone,

I also (like Emmanuel in her Aug.8th 2001 post) am interested in hacking
the Tcl parser so it can parse procedures declared slightly differently.
A colleague has done a lot of work towards this, the details are described
below.  (I'm wanting 'instproc' to be recognized just as Tcl's 'proc' as a
keyword which is followed by a function name... OTcl declares methods this
way. )  Right now we can compile snavigator and it will now recognize
variables declared within an instproc as variables (so they turn up when I
use snavigator's filter and ask it to show me all variables). However, the
instproc function/method doesn't show up in the filter.  

I imagine the fact that lines with instproc have a word (the class) before
the keyword 'instproc' is part of the problem, with the parsing.  

Any ideas, I don't have time to create a whole new parser for OTcl and am
hoping for some clue about how to go about completing this hack...

Thanks in advance for clues!!


These are the changes so far:
	Changed top line to lower one:
	#all-sid: all-tcl all-tk all-libremote
	all-sid: all-tcl all-tk
Makefile.ct: (reverse lines 25 & 26)
     24 Tree.h Tree.c:          tcl.ast
     25     cg -cdimRDIO    tcl.ast;
     26 #   ast -cd    tcl.ast;
Trafo.c    change variable 'To_names' to  'to_names'
tcl.puma   change variable 'To_names' to  'to_names'
itcl.puma Added {} around all c code, plus line 12 included sn.h (not
	the file paf.h)
tcl.ast   Changed includes for path (no 'include' directory and 
		also name of files is different: Idents.h,StringM.h,
		and Position.h),line 45 ' instproc       = .', and
		iinstproc added line 14 and 25 to list of keywords.
Scanner.c: Add the typecasts to (int)
   1051 yyEol ((int)TokenPtr + (int)TokenLength - (int)p - 1);
   Lines 16 and 23 include "Position.h" (not Positions.h)
Parser.c:  Where have "yySnyAttribute.fragment.'*'", changed 
	it to "'*'"
	Commented out function  "\\ReleaseTreeModule	();"
	Wherever had phrase like yySynAttribute.fragment.'$',
		changed to just '$'  (same with $, }, { , ] )
	Line 40  #	include "Position.h" (not "Positions.h")
	Added '#include <string.h>'
	# if defined __STDC__ | defined __cplusplus
	# define ARGS(parameters)	parameters
	# else
	# define ARGS(parameters)	()
	# endif
tcl.pars:  Comment out ReleaseTreeModule if the function is still there.
Tree.h: Line 85 add iinstproc to list of keywords
Lines 12 and 22, change StringMem.h to StringM.h
Lines 15 and 25, change Positions.h to Position.h
Comment out lines 231 - 235
    226 tTree Tree_Alloc ()
    227 {
    228  register yytBlockPtr yyBlockPtr = yyBlockList;
    229  register int i;
    231  //if (yyMaxSize == 0)
    232   //for (i = 1; i <= 50; i ++) {
    233    //Tree_NodeSize [i] = (Tree_NodeSize [i] + yyMaxAlign - 1) &
yyAlignMasks [yyMaxAlign];
    234    //yyMaxSize = Max (Tree_NodeSize [i], yyMaxSize);
    235   //}
    237  yyBlockList = (yytBlockPtr) Alloc (sizeof (yytBlock));

>From Emmanuelle's mail August 9 2001:

> I want to modify the Tcl parser
> that it can parse procedures declared that way but I need a 
> little help
> to do that; the source code of SN is very large and I don't know from
> where to start.

The TCL parser can be found in:


There is documentation on how to add parsers:


But the TCL parser does not follow use this API. Do as we say, not as we
It inserts symbols with put_symbol. The TCL parsers uses a
/ compiler-compiler, but it doesn't use yacc/bison. Puma or something. If
you wish to modify the code, you will need this tool.

Happy hacking,
Craig Keogh

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