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Timothy M. Shead
Mon Jan 7 13:11:00 GMT 2002

Khamis Abuelkomboz wrote:

 > Hi Ralf,
 > I find your input great. we need an "open" way to add work into SN, I
 > had the idea
 > about taking the current redhat SN and provide my own SN release, basicly
 > to rework the GUI and extend the existing parsers.
 > As example I would like
 > - to integrate the symbol browser into the main window,
 > - add more functionality to the browser, like add/remove files, history,
 > etc.
 > - making it possible to open more than one editor pane in a window.
 > - list the symbols of current edited file on the right (OLD SN
 > functionality reenabled)
 > - etc.
 > Actually I already started to do this work, see
 > and welcome your input.
 > But the problem is, where to keep the whole SN? My own web space is too
 > small.

Sounds like SN ought to move to SourceForge - if Red Hat isn't going to
maintain it, there needs to be a clean break, so people stop waiting for
Red Hat to do the work ... which is not to complain about Red Hat -
they're the ones who GPL'd SN, making such a move possible.

Timothy M. Shead

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