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Simonovsky, Pavel
Sun Jan 6 00:26:00 GMT 2002

		So - you mean , that in fact SN is dead , and there is no
any development team behind it? It is very important info - I suggested this
tool to 2-3 teems in our company ... I have to warn them - that it dose no
worth a waste of time... Thanks a lot !!! It is really crucial

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Roman Levenstein wrote:

>>because the actual tcl parser is written in a strange
>>licenced interpreter "rex?" and redhat don't have the
>>origin source code and the license to this parser.
>>Also SN tcl parser doesn't support tcl/tk8.x. So if 
>>there are enough people interested in this I would
>>writing a new parser (using flex) for tcl that
>>tcltk8.x (without xref).
I wasn't exact here, SN tcl parser doesn't support Itcl3.0!

>The Rex scanner generator is a part of the Cocktail
>Toolbox, which is also used for other SN parsers such
>as  Cobol and Java parsers. 

>There is a public domain version of it, which can be
>found at:
Good to know

>So, there is no problem with a licence. 
>As for the origin source for the *.rex file, it's also
>not a problem. REX specification is generated from
>*.scan file by cg tool as far as I remember. Anyway,
>there is a description of this process in the docs.
>BTW, Cocktail is one of the best compiler construction
>toolkits and it's really very powerful and much better
>than yacc/lex. It covers the whole process of compiler
>construction- from lexical and syntax analysis up to
>code generation and register allocation. And, which is
>also very important, the generated parsers and
>scanners   are much faster than those generated by
Hmm, but who is familar with this toolbox? I'm not familar with the 
cocktail toolbox
and actually don't have the time to spend time learning this language.
It's true that the parsers implemented in lex/yacc are not perfekt, but 
lex is good enough
to write a parser in the 'free' time, since SN is not developed 
officially anymore!

I would appreciate very much, if you do a hack to let tcl parser 
the itcl class definition "itcl:class".


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