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Roman Levenstein
Fri Jan 4 02:56:00 GMT 2002


>because the actual tcl parser is written in a strange

>licenced interpreter "rex?" and redhat don't have the

>origin source code and the license to this parser.
>Also SN tcl parser doesn't support tcl/tk8.x. So if 
>there are enough people interested in this I would
>writing a new parser (using flex) for tcl that
>tcltk8.x (without xref).

The Rex scanner generator is a part of the Cocktail
Toolbox, which is also used for other SN parsers such
as  Cobol and Java parsers. 

There is a public domain version of it, which can be
found at:

So, there is no problem with a licence. 

As for the origin source for the *.rex file, it's also
not a problem. REX specification is generated from
*.scan file by cg tool as far as I remember. Anyway,
there is a description of this process in the docs.

BTW, Cocktail is one of the best compiler construction
toolkits and it's really very powerful and much better
than yacc/lex. It covers the whole process of compiler
construction- from lexical and syntax analysis up to
code generation and register allocation. And, which is
also very important, the generated parsers and
scanners   are much faster than those generated by


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