SourceNav release ...

Khamis Abuelkomboz
Thu Jan 3 15:08:00 GMT 2002

Except my additions and bug fixes there is at this time no other work.
Especially regarding parsers (c++ and java) nothing happens and will
happen in the next time.

Actually I'm interested to know

- how many people use SN to browse into tcl language?
- how many people use cross-reference to tcl language?

because the actual tcl parser is written in a strange licenced 
interpreter "rex?" and
redhat don't have the origin source code and the license to this parser.
Also SN tcl parser doesn't support tcl/tk8.x. So if there are enough people
interested in this I would start writing a new parser (using flex) for 
tcl that supports
tcltk8.x (without xref).

P.S. the tcl xref is pretty ugly and doesn't provide any interesting 


klmcw yahoo wrote:

>Is there another release scheduled for SourceNav ?
>I love the tool, but it fails to cross-reference most of the projects I
>have to deal with.

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