Files with the same name.

Fri Sep 29 11:55:00 GMT 2000

I've noticed this same behavior with SN: you unload a directory from the
project, and when you reopen the project, the dir's back again. This is
particularly consistent when you've got "Views" defined for your project.
This is one of the most maddening and time wasting bugs I've found with SN.

Also, another annoying problem: when you switch from one project view to
another, the project editor (PE)window closes automatically, preventing you
from making changes to the view without getting back into PE again. The PE
window should remain open and not automatically close.

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From: "Fabrice Gautier" <>
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Sent: Friday, September 29, 2000 14:29
Subject: Files with the same name.

> Hi,
> In my project I have several include files that have the same name but are
> not in the same directory. When I use the imclude browser it is never the
> good include file that is showed.
> The source tree is something like
> \
> |---srcs
> |---includes
>          |---version1
>          |          |---version.h
>          |---version2
>                     |---version.h
> In fact the two directories version1 and version2 are never used at the
> time (wich one is used is defined at compile time) so I tried to create a
> project with only one of them but I can't. The project editor seems to
> me to delete a subdirectory from the project (unload), but when i re-open
> the project this directory is back again.
> Is there a way to specify which direcories contain the include files? (a
> -Iincludes/version1 ?)
> Thanks
> --
> Fabrice Gautier

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