Files with the same name.

Fabrice Gautier
Fri Sep 29 11:32:00 GMT 2000


In my project I have several include files that have the same name but are
not in the same directory. When I use the imclude browser it is never the
good include file that is showed.
The source tree is something like

         |          |---version.h

In fact the two directories version1 and version2 are never used at the same
time (wich one is used is defined at compile time) so I tried to create a
project with only one of them but I can't. The project editor seems to allow
me to delete a subdirectory from the project (unload), but when i re-open
the project this directory is back again.

Is there a way to specify which direcories contain the include files? (a la
-Iincludes/version1 ?)

Fabrice Gautier 

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