Source navigator roadmap, features list, etc.?
Fri Sep 29 00:26:00 GMT 2000

You misunderstand my request. All I would like SN to do is "flag assignments of
function pointers" so that Xref will show the assignment as a reference to the
function symbol being xref'd. Currently it does not, so the only way of finding
such references is with grep.

Dave Banham

>On the subject of member functions not being xref'd, I have found that (in C)
>function names used as function pointers (i.e. in call-back
>initialisation) are
>not xref'd. In fact the only way I can find them is to Grep the entire project
>which takes a number of minutes.

This is actually really hard to do.

We could certainly flag assignments of function pointers, but there is no
good static determination of when a function is actually called
dereferencing a function pointer. This requires runtime analysis. And it
could be wrong; the runtime analysis would have to have a reverse table of
addresses to functions. A debugger could do this while the exe is running.

So the only thing we can do is flag assignments of function pointers and
put it in the database.

>Dave Banham

Syd Polk
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