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Bruce Stephens bruce.stephens@messagingdirect.com
Wed Sep 27 03:56:00 GMT 2000

Ian Gilmour <ian.gilmour@ffei.co.uk> writes:


> I probably didn't explain it very well.
> I know the Xemacs and vi menu options don't refresh (that what I
> want at present).  But, looking at only the "Indent" menu option
> code in the following rc.tcl.  I think I am already calling
> sn_parse_uptodate with the file name after invoking indent.  The
> problem is it doesn't work unless I've previously saved the file
> explicitely (^S) first.
> I feel I must be missing something that's obvious to someone more
> experienced in this tcl and tk stuff.
> - but I can't see what it is from the samples of code I've looked at (I've
> checked out the emacs.tcl, sn.el and multiedit.tcl, etc).

The code looks OK to me.  I suggest you stick some logging in.  My
guess is that the wrong filename is being passed to either indent or
sn_parse_uptodate.  Using sn_parse_uptodate by hand seems to work
fine: I just touched a source file, and ran sn_parse_uptodate on it,
and the file was rescanned.

(I used Jeff Hobbes tkcon for this---a very useful tool.  Get it from
<URL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/tkcon/ >.)


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