Source navigator roadmap, features list, etc.?

William Gacquer
Wed Sep 27 01:12:00 GMT 2000

Yahoo! The community rules!

More seriously, if I can give you my wishlist...

1/ automatic recognition of new files in the project directories
2/ a better interface with CVS ( why not an integration of tkCVS in SN?)
3/ an expand/collapse button in the project tree view (expansion is the
default but my project is so big that I would prefer a collapse by default)
4/ Drag&Drop with KDE/Gnome (I known, that's Tk's stuff)
5/ a UML-istic class view (even if it's not editable)
6/ clicking on xref-ed objects/functions opens the file where the
object/function is used (by default, it opens the file a function
7/ a clever "replace-in-files"
8/ an interface with GNAT (with tkGNAT?)
9/ a autoconf/automake project creation as in kdevelop
10/ a possibility to hide/show all SN-controlled windows
11/ a search-and-replace dialog that can jump directly to the next occurence
by clicking on replace
12/ working real-regular-expressions everywhere
13/ macros
14/ the debugger by default is insight. I want to be able to call DDD
instead (or whatever debugger I like)
15/ themes : editing with SN is like burning my eyes. It is much too hard to
configure a black background with a bright fonts. 
16/ what else?.... uhhh, I am sure I have missed something....


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The future is going to be dictated largely by the community. If a lot of
in the community want something in, we will make it a priority for

Syd Polk
Engineering Manager

Berek wrote:
> I agree completely. I love SN, but it does have a lot of rough edges in
> UI, and it's buggy. I, too, have a lot of suggestions and bug reports and
> would like to know what the future of SN is going to be
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> From: "Timothee Besset" <>
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> Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2000 01:00
> Subject: Source navigator roadmap, features list, etc.?
> > Is this list the only way to send feature suggestions and bug reports?
> > What are the actual plans of RedHat with source navigator, is it going
> > to evolve a lot more? Because I would have a truckload of improvement
> > suggestions and feature requests. It would be nice if there was a public
> > space somewhere that described who is doing what, maintaining what on
> > this project.
> >
> > I had to move from an MSDev environment to development under linux, and
> > Source Navigator does some things better than MSDev, but it also has
> > some big drawbacks.
> >
> > regards
> >
> > TTimo
> >
> >

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