Source navigator roadmap, features list, etc.?

Tue Sep 26 10:30:00 GMT 2000

I agree completely. I love SN, but it does have a lot of rough edges in the
UI, and it's buggy. I, too, have a lot of suggestions and bug reports and
would like to know what the future of SN is going to be

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Subject: Source navigator roadmap, features list, etc.?

> Is this list the only way to send feature suggestions and bug reports?
> What are the actual plans of RedHat with source navigator, is it going
> to evolve a lot more? Because I would have a truckload of improvement
> suggestions and feature requests. It would be nice if there was a public
> space somewhere that described who is doing what, maintaining what on
> this project.
> I had to move from an MSDev environment to development under linux, and
> Source Navigator does some things better than MSDev, but it also has
> some big drawbacks.
> regards
> TTimo

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