Source navigator roadmap, features list, etc.?

Syd Polk
Tue Sep 26 09:23:00 GMT 2000

Timothee Besset wrote:
> Is this list the only way to send feature suggestions and bug reports?
> What are the actual plans of RedHat with source navigator, is it going
> to evolve a lot more? Because I would have a truckload of improvement
> suggestions and feature requests. It would be nice if there was a public
> space somewhere that described who is doing what, maintaining what on
> this project.

Right now, we are busy overhauling the GUI code to use incr Tcl 3.0. After we
get done with that, we will start working on new features. So nobody is
officially doing any new features until we get 5.0 released.

> I had to move from an MSDev environment to development under linux, and
> Source Navigator does some things better than MSDev, but it also has
> some big drawbacks.

Feel free to post suggestions and requests. Better yet, feel free to work on the

> regards
> TTimo

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