Q: Where is the symbol window ?

dave.banham@tde.alstom.com dave.banham@tde.alstom.com
Mon Sep 25 07:31:00 GMT 2000

SN 'remembers' the last type of window to close on program (or project?) exit.
The next time you start a SN project, it restores that window. There appear to
be two types of 'symbol' windows. The first is literally the Symbols window that
opens after the creation of a new SN project. The second is the multi-tab window
that provides access to the visualisation and navigation tools such as
Retriever, Xref, Grep, etc.

If you are in the 'navigation' symbol window you can get the 'Symbols' window
back by pressing F4 or from the menu bar as Windows->New Window->Symbols.

I personally find the 'Symbols' window to be of little use because I use the
retriever to look up specific symbol and to show its position in the Editor
window, which I have added as a second pane.

I hope this is of use,
Dave Banham

Rickard Ericson <rickard.ericson@pricer.se> on 25/09/2000 14:25:28

To:   "Sourcenav (E-mail)" <sourcenav@sources.redhat.com>
Subject:  Q: Where is the symbol window ?

Hi !!

Sometimes when I open an existing SN project I get no Symbol Window. The
only way for me to get one seems to be that I open the project from the
beginning, i.e defining paths, directories and files. This is cumbersome an
not at all pleasant.

Is there a fix for this somewhere ? I'm running SN 4.2.2 Developers Edition
and the platform is NT 4.0 sp6



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