silly question : how long would it take to make SN Gnome-complian t?

William Gacquer
Mon Sep 25 00:47:00 GMT 2000

I agree with Mo.

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Bruce Stephens Wrote:

Rewriting the GUI wouldn't be an impossible task: by the looks of it,
it's 65K lines or so of Tcl (including comments and so on).  It uses a
bunch of Tcl extensions, but I suspect all the widgets provided by
those are available in GNOME's libraries.

Tee Teoh Wrote:

What about porting to wxWindows ? wxWindows is support on MS-Windows, 
Unix/GTK,  and Mac (with work going on for OS/2). wxWindows is  written 
in C++
and has a Python binding. See for more info.


It would take more than a year to switch SN to a new GUI toolkit.
We would rather spend that time improving SN instead of rewriting
it in gtk or wxWindows. Even if someone did manage to rewrite
everything in gtk or wxWindows, who is going to maintain the
code? Tcl code is really easy to maintain, you don't need to
worry about memory leaks or crashes like you do in C or C++
code (Yuk).

If someone really wants to do a full rewrite, go right ahead.
You have all the code so there is nothing stopping you. I just
think it would better to spend the time improving the existing
code base instead of tossing it all out and starting over. The
GUI is the hard part, parsers and DBs are easy in comparison.

Mo DeJong
Red Hat Inc

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