SN Bugs: Keep Context Doesn't Work, etc.

Ian Roxborough
Sun Sep 24 20:46:00 GMT 2000

Hi Steve, thanks for the concise bug reports.

Berek wrote:
> C++ code base. Open new window using F5. Context is checked. New window =
> appears but no context from original window. New window is blank. =
> Platform is NT 4.0 SP5.
> Also, single function keys do not work if num lock is on. For example, =
> when pressing F5 to get new editor window, if num lock is on, nothing =
> happens. Same thing with F4, etc.

Anybody got any ideas for a fix or work around?
(I'm guessing that we need extra bindings to handle
F5 + numberlock or ??????)
> Also, lots of problems going back and forth using "previous page" and =
> "next page" when more than one view in current window. SN gets confused =
> easily. This last is a real issue for me.

Yeah, I think the problem is that too many history points get add.
For example, I double click on a symbol to jump to it's declaration
in the editor (in the xref tab for example).  SN will add opening
the file in the editor to the history and then add jumping to the
correct location in the file to the history.  So if I hit the back
arrow, instead of going back to the xref, it will jump to the top
of the file, if I hit the back button again, it should go back to
the Xref.  Is this the behavior you are seeing?

I've not really looked at fixing this yet, but it would be really
nice if this would work without adding the extra points.

> When using custom editor, SN prepends project directory to file name =
> passed to editor. For example, SN invokes my editor with =
> "F:\SNav\/Views/sdow_dev_2.3.2/FSBackend/agent/collector/include/FSCollec=
> tor.h". "F:\Snav" is the directory where the project db resides. =
> "F:/Views/sdow_dev_2.3.2/FSBackend/agent/collector/include/FSCollector.h"=
>  is the file id of the file I'm trying to edit.

I wish Microsoft had based NT on BSD instead of VMS (I'm thinking
about slashes...).

Has anybody had similar problems on other platforms?


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