SN Bugs: Keep Context Doesn't Work, etc.

Fri Sep 22 17:21:00 GMT 2000

C++ code base. Open new window using F5. Context is checked. New window =
appears but no context from original window. New window is blank. =
Platform is NT 4.0 SP5.

Also, single function keys do not work if num lock is on. For example, =
when pressing F5 to get new editor window, if num lock is on, nothing =
happens. Same thing with F4, etc.

Also, lots of problems going back and forth using "previous page" and =
"next page" when more than one view in current window. SN gets confused =
easily. This last is a real issue for me.

When using custom editor, SN prepends project directory to file name =
passed to editor. For example, SN invokes my editor with =
tor.h". "F:\Snav" is the directory where the project db resides. =
 is the file id of the file I'm trying to edit.

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