silly question : how long would it take to make SN Gnome-comp lian t?

Bruce Stephens
Tue Sep 19 03:34:00 GMT 2000

William Gacquer <> writes:

> I don't care about the GUI colors and so on. By "gnome-compliant", I
> meant "D&D-enabled" + a project file in XML ( XMI? ) etc...

The project file itself contains lots of information that most tools
won't care about, I think.  Really you want to look at the databases
themselves (the things by default in .snprj).  These are Berkeley db
databases whose contents are fairly well documented.

The harder problem looks like updating the databases should a file be
edited (if you were using this in gIDE or something).  However, that's
probably not too hard either---I just don't know how to do it, except
in outline.

> I asked that cos I believe that it would be easier to enhance SN by
> some kind of gnome-compliant interface. For instance, the include
> and xref graphs could be interfaced with DIA, the diagram editor.

Entirely possible: the databases are pretty easy to read.  They're in
a rather old format, but that probably doesn't matter much (either
link with db-1.86, or change SN to use a more recent db).


Bruce Stephens
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