silly question : how long would it take to make SN Gnome-complian t?

Florent Pillet
Tue Sep 19 03:15:00 GMT 2000

I don't think this would be such a good idea. It would mean a major rewrite 
of SN from TCL to C (not C++!) and porting anything to C just sounds like a 
bad idea. Too many potential crashes, too many potential problems. If I were 
to rewrite SN, it would be in C++, not in C...

On Tue, 19 Sep 2000, you wrote:

> What does "Gnome-compliant" mean to you?  It's written using Tcl/Tk,
> so the GUI isn't going to change colours or themes with the rest of
> GNOME.  It's also not likely to support drag&drop, be customizable
> using the GNOME control center, or to support the GNOME print engine.
> (The first is just because Tk doesn't do drag&drop yet; when it does,
> things ought to work with Source Navigator.)
> Rewriting the GUI wouldn't be an impossible task: by the looks of it,
> it's 65K lines or so of Tcl (including comments and so on).  It uses a
> bunch of Tcl extensions, but I suspect all the widgets provided by
> those are available in GNOME's libraries.
> The only interfaces to the rest of the stuff seems to be running
> pipelines of parsers into dbimp, and accessing the db-1.85/1.86
> databases.  The latter are fairly well documented; I'm not sure about
> the former.

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