silly question : how long would it take to make SN Gnome-complian t?

Bruce Stephens
Tue Sep 19 02:56:00 GMT 2000

What does "Gnome-compliant" mean to you?  It's written using Tcl/Tk,
so the GUI isn't going to change colours or themes with the rest of
GNOME.  It's also not likely to support drag&drop, be customizable
using the GNOME control center, or to support the GNOME print engine.
(The first is just because Tk doesn't do drag&drop yet; when it does,
things ought to work with Source Navigator.)

Rewriting the GUI wouldn't be an impossible task: by the looks of it,
it's 65K lines or so of Tcl (including comments and so on).  It uses a
bunch of Tcl extensions, but I suspect all the widgets provided by
those are available in GNOME's libraries.

The only interfaces to the rest of the stuff seems to be running
pipelines of parsers into dbimp, and accessing the db-1.85/1.86
databases.  The latter are fairly well documented; I'm not sure about
the former.

Bruce Stephens
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