Mousewheel and SN

Bruce Stephens
Tue Sep 19 02:38:00 GMT 2000

Syd Polk <> writes:

> At 04:32 PM 9/18/00 -0700, Timothy M. Shead wrote:
> > I'm curious what it would take to get my mouse wheel (works fine
> > with GTK+ apps and Mozilla) working with SN, and whether there's any
> > work being done in this area ... I've run across some hearsay that
> > this is a Tcl/Tk issue?


> It is indeed. Either Tk 8.3 or Tk 8.4 will have support for using
> it, and then we will have to fix our code to pay attention.

In standard widgets, it just works.  Any special widgets will need
minor attention, but it's pretty easy, I think.

For PC Unix users (those that use XFree86 or similar) it's pretty easy
to hack with 8.0, 8.1: you just need to have a suitable bind tag and
suitable events to invoke, then just bind <Button-4> and <Button-5>
events appropriately.  

I did have a quick look at one or two of the Source Navigator windows,
but I couldn't see what bind tag to use.  That's probably just my
ignorance of [incr Tcl] and things.

Bruce Stephens
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