Help: database locked!

Ian Roxborough
Thu Sep 14 17:04:00 GMT 2000


Have you rebooted since the SN crash?

SN locks the database (on Windows) by opening
the database file, other instances of SN check
to see if the database file is already open and back
off if it's open.  So, it would be likely that either
the crash SN process is a zombie holding on to
the file handle, or the OS hasn't freed up the file
handle after that crash.

If you have rebooted then the database might
be corrupted ;-(

Can you reproduce the crash?
(On other systems and well?)


On Fri, 15 Sep 2000, Tai Wu Chiang wrote:
> Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 00:44:43 +0100
> To: "''" <>
> From: Tai Wu Chiang <>
> Subject: Help: database locked!
> Hello:
>   For some reason my SN crashed and after then it can not Reparse
> Project.
> It always shows a message "The database is locked!" and returns without
> updating. Can anyone help tell me how to unlock it? Thanks.
> I am using SN 4.5.1 for Windows on 98 second edition.
> Tai-Wu Chiang

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