Batchmode limitation

Syd Polk
Wed Sep 13 08:54:00 GMT 2000

This is a long-standing problem with Source-Navigator. We are doing our best to
make the different pieces of Source-Navigator loadable into the standard Tcl
shells, tclsh and wish. Until then, we require a DISPLAY variable.

There are some dummy DISPLAY servers out there. I don't know much about them,

"Britton, David L. (LNG)" wrote:
> I'm trying to add support in our nightly build process for automatically
> regenerating the Source Navigator project associated with the code base just
> built.  For reasons that may or may not be obvious, I do not have access to
> an X display during this process.  Source Navigator dies complaining about
> not being able to talk to an X display even while running in batchmode.
> Are there suggestions (I really would like to avoid having to set up an lbx
> proxy to fake it out) on how to go about fixing this?

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