Running SourceNav

Fri Sep 8 08:52:00 GMT 2000

I did a make clean, then applied all the 7 patches then ran configure
again and then recompiled and reinstalled. I still get exactly the same
error that I did earlier when I try to run SourceNav as an ordinary user
> > I compiled and installed SourceNav 4.5.1 on my Redhat 6.2 box. I can run
> > sourcenav as root but when I try to run sourcenav as a user I get:
> >
> > [warrior@localhost warrior]$ snavigator
> > Error: invalid command name "sn_tcl_tk_init"
> >
> > And it wont run. When I run it as root it works perfectly.
> >
> > Please can someone help me to get it running when Im logged in as an
> > ordinary user.
> Apply the patches, specifically the first one:
> <URL: >

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