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Syd Polk
Tue Sep 5 11:08:00 GMT 2000

At 10:56 PM 9/1/00 +0200, Zdenek Kabelac wrote:
>First I'd like to say thanks for such a nice program like SourceNavigator.
>Finaly I've found a decent tool to display class tree on my linux.
>As my favourtie editor is FTE I'm still using it for text editing
>as I'm missing couple of features. (Like I personaly like rather black
>background and few other things like autocompletion autoindenting with
>tabulator...) but I suppose all this could be added in future.
>Anyway what I'm missing now is the class tree which also shows inheritance
>of interfaces in java.
>As for C++ inheritance I was missing templete classes in the inheritance
>(as I'm using them a lot the class tree is actually not that much useful)
>Anyway are there any plans in the near future to add support for this ?

Nothing is scheduled, although it is on our list of hot issues.

>As I plane to create debian package in the future (if nobody will do it
>sooner) I'll be playing with the source code.
>Currently I see several problems - it looks like the program is somehow
>tightly connected to tcl8.1 and other a bit older libraries.
>Is there some easy way to use system libraries (I do not want to realease
>another StarOffice like package :)

This is a big task. You should continue to use the Tcl/Tk that comes with 
the source, or you will have major problems.

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