installation problem

Filippo Pacini
Tue Sep 5 00:58:00 GMT 2000

I have downloaded the source distribution of source navigator 4.5.1,
and installed it on linux RedHat 6.2 running:

$configure --prefix=/usr/local/snavigator
#make install

Trying to start it as normal user I had the error:
Error: Invalid command name "sn_tcl_tk_init"

While, running the program as root, everything work well. So I found
that the file <prefix>/share/gui/tclIndex had permissions 640.

I found two ways to fix the problem:

- running the  INSTALL script in /usr/local/snavigator  as user root
  and installing the program in the home directory of the normal user

- chmod 644 tclIndex

Compliments  for your  software, at  first sight  it really  looks a
great job, I hope I 've been of some help.

Filippo Pacini

P.S. Sorry for my english

filippo_pacini ( at )

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