sn451 ld error

Ben Elliston
Sun Sep 3 22:22:00 GMT 2000

Hi Brian,

   I'm converting a CygWin project over to MinGW32 using sn451 on
   NT4(sp6a). I've got all the source compiling - finally.  But, it just
   won't link.  I get the following error...
   > ld: cannot open crt2.o: No such file or directory
   However, I have confirmed that crt2.o (including the full path with no
   spaces) are listed in the Library Files section of the Build Settings.

Have you tried compiling with the GCC `-v' option? This will show the
options passed to the preprocessor, the assembler and the linker.  It sounds
like your compiler installation is wrong; the linker should be able to
correctly locate crt2.o on its own.

Hope this helps,


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